Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sky Sports Gate

Or it what you will.

Ok here is a question for you all.

Is the comments of Messers Gray and Keys worse than Prince Philips Tartan knicker comment to Annabel Goldie????

See Here

And everyone thought that was funny and laughed it off...........old duffer etc etc.

Double standards anyone ??


subrosa said...

Auch LotF, there's no comparison. Men wear knickers too don't they? The Dukie wasn't implying because she wore tartan knickers she couldn't do her job was he?

Naw. Gray's downfall was brought about by his own stupidity - not least in suing his boss. I mean, surely (and I know Gray lacks somewhat in common sense), he knew that he would be 'observed'. Silly fool if he didn't.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant LOTF.

It's Ok for that stupid old bastard to say whatever he likes because he's royal and older than Gibraltar, and the normal rules don't apply to him.

It would have served him right if Annabel had taken her not inconsiderable hand off his bony old coupon. Repulsive old reptile!

I believe that they were planning to sue Murdoch over something to do with the fact that his oily worms have been tapping their phones. I think I must be the only one whose phones they haven’t bloody well tapped. Anyway, mess with Murdoch and you find yourself in the shit, big time.

After all HE runs Britain. Not any government.

Stop with the political correctness already. Women and poofs know chuff all about football, Only the Pommes, or Poms, the Aussies, Indians, Pakis, Lankis and West Indians know anything about cricket. The rest of us can’t understand why anyone would want to watch a game that lasts three days and you get cucumber sandwiches and bloody TEA YEUCHHHHH. ...

And royals are big mouthed tosspots who should have been drowned at birth.

Anyone else I can upset?

The Last Of The Few said...
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The Last Of The Few said...


I dont wear knickers.........I am a man I use cactus leaves tied with barbed wire as a wee belt.

Man Style

The Last Of The Few said...


I cant agree with your statement at all. Poofs know a lot about footbal............its a poofs game.
Rugby is testosterone fuelled man style and and anyone who disagreed is a commie pinko.

You forgot single mums who obviously have slept around in you description of our country.

Also People from the Shetlands or Orkney oh and yes anyone who votes Labour at the Holyrood elections.

They are just f###ed in the head.

Anonymous said...


I forgot you were a rugby man!

Have fun with the cactus and barbed wire you kinky sod!

subrosa said...

Lotf, I hope you hand wash your genital protectors yourself. :) They would bugger up any delicates in the washing machine.

The Last Of The Few said...

Wash them.............why would I want to do that......??????
Not man enough to wash em!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... And I thought you were too much of a man to bother wearing them!!!


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