Thursday, 27 January 2011

Berlusconi's New Babe ..............What Again !!!

Remeber Ruby in this post here.

She is now 18 but when 17 she is reported to have been eerrrrrr Involved yes involved with Silvio.

Under Italian law sex with a prostitute under the age of 18 is a criminal offence.

He is battling hard to save his political skin.

Well you cant make this stuff up but guess what.............. A second 17-year-old girl has been named as taking part in what prosecutors allege were sex parties held by the Italian prime minister.

The girl, named as Iris Berardi, was known to police as a prostitute, Italian reports say, and attended one of the events days before turning 18.

The details have emerged from new documents submitted by prosecutors on Wednesday to a parliamentary committee.

Mr Berlusconi says the allegations against him are politically motivated.

According to Ansa, Ms Berardi attended a party at Porto Rotondo, in Sardinia, on 21 November 2009 - just a few days before her 18th birthday. She also attended a party at his villa at Arcore, near Milan, in December the same year.

Ten days ago, prosecutors submitted a 389-page document, in which they said they had proof of payments made by the billionaire leader to prostitutes. The latest document runs to 227 pages.

The embattled 74-year-old has refused to attend questioning on the matter and has vowed to punish the magistrates who, he insists, are pursuing a political vendetta against him.

Just goes to cant get a good man down.....sorry put a good man down


Joe Public said...

I wonder if he's sponsored by Viagra?

Anonymous said...

I think he's only 35 but he's had a hard life... well, OK we know he's had a HARD life!

The Last Of The Few said...

Lucky bugger.
I am emigrating moving to Italy and going into politics

Anonymous said...

Well don't forget... you stand the chance of being castigated by the pope. He told the Itianlian government to shape up on the morals....



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