Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Scotland And Independence

Firstly Happy New Year.

I am pleased though that the festivities are now done and dusted.

It seemed to go on a bit more this year for some reason.

Anyway into 2011 we go.

I am a freeman.
I have signed the affidavits and registered them.
They have been sent to those that need to see them
They are available for others as required.

I am a proud Scot.
I have recently fallen foul of the SNP cyber Nats..........that was done in an earlier post.

However the reason for this post is I wish to direct you to this post here by the Captain.You see the question of Scotland breaking away from the union has been around for many a year.

I feel the post by the Captain is indeed well written and a great piece. No not necessarily for the Captains thoughts but also for some of the 43 or so comments made on it.

Indeed the KBW make some stunning points.

This is a tricky subject............I have my opinion and I have been chastised for it in the past. I have worn both the bad of my country on my uniform as part of my regiment but also fought under the banner of the union.........does that make me a hypocrit????????

Just go read it and the comments and see where you sit on the subject.

I am certainly looking forward to the Holyrood elections in about 5 months time. I await this sleeping beast of a subject to be rudely awakened.

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Captain Ranty said...

Congratulations Freeman LOTF!!

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Thanks for the link.

It has spawned a nice debate. KBW wants an apology from me. Not sure why. I was having a pop at the pollies, not ordinary Scots.

Still, (via the comments) I am learning. And that has to count for something...

I agree that the May elections will be fun to observe.

Stay well,



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