Friday, 26 March 2010

Who watched Question Time Last Night ?

What a fucking car crash for Liam Byrne.

Jeez there will be Nokias all over No.10 this morning.

Please follow this link here then go top right to watch again.

Get a coffee and sit down.

On the panel were Chief Secretary Treasury and Unite member Liam Byrne MP, the Conservative Shadow Minister for Communities Baroness Warsi, the Liberal Democrat communities spokesman Julia Goldsworthy MP, the First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond and businessman Sir Martin Sorrell.

Julia Godsworthy tried to make it a party political broadcast on behalf of the Lib Dems but quite easily forgot only last week 3 senior Lib Dems were found gulity as part of the MP expences scandal.

Baroness Warsi was weak, ill informed and not a good orator at all.

Big Eck was in superb form..........and I can see why the Westminster leader did not want him at the leaders debates (yes despite them now being a PM debate as he would destroy all 3).

Martin Sorrell was superb, well informed , factual and picked his words and moments to speak accurately and cleanly. Well a man of his position, and proffessional ism would as I expect. All politicians could learn from him.

However as described in the blogosphere Liam Byrne the Treasury attack dog (bwahahahahahahahahaha) not last night he was not.
He was useless. Big Eck nailed his knackers to the wall on Badger Darlings budget and his thursday comments "about cuts worse than under Mrs T".
All panelist clearly had him on Byres, Hoon and Hewitt.
His comments on defence and Afghanistan were ill informed and factually incorrect.

And the great thing I thought was the audience...........Glasgow is a strong militant and Labour heartland. Indeed many union movements owe there upbringing to the workers of Glasgow. However the people were having none of it. they clearly expressed and stated there displeasure at the parties, the lack pof policy, the mess the country is in and the fact they all view ploitics as sleazy, dirty and a mass gravy train.

Liam Byrne was a disaster last night. As the attack dog so to speak, Chief bitch in the Treasury you mean..........that was a weak performance and more likely to turn voters away from Labour than onto them.

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subrosa said...

I thought it was dire LotF. Even Eck seemed bored and Byrne and the lib dem woman got far more than their fair share of time.

Even on AllSeeingEye's live chat we couldn't get enthusiastic about anything.

The leader of the SNP and Scottish government there with a bunch of second rate politicians. One Scot on a Glasgow panel? Murphy withdrawing at the last minute and Byrne flown in?

It really does show the disrespect with which Scotland is treated by London.


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