Friday, 5 March 2010

General Election 15th April anyone ????

According to the Hootsman (and for the record O.R. and Nikko it is a shitty rag) I feel their take on the General Election date may have some merit.

And I quote.....Labour Party sources have told The Scotsman they believe that the Prime Minister is preparing for mid-April as part of an attempt to maximise Conservative embarrassment over Lord Ashcroft and to avoid the announcement of potentially damaging economic data later in the month.

The reports circulating about an 15 April date were heightened yesterday when Leader of the House Harriet Harman announced a curtailed business agenda.

Normally, she would give the Commons two weeks of business; however, she gave only six working days.

This leaves the parliamentary diary open for Chancellor Alistair Darling to give his pre-election Budget on Wednesday 17 March, allowing the Prime Minister to go to the Queen on 19 March.

This would be the last possible date for calling the election on 15 April, because he has to allow for 17 parliamentary working days.

Crucially, 19 March would be the day after Lord Ashcroft is grilled by the Commons public administration committee over his £5 million of donations to the Tories over the past ten years and his non-dom status, despite apparently promising to become a permanent resident. It means the election could be called on the day headlines accuse the Tories of trying to buy the election.

If you still think the Ashcroft story has legs!!!!!!.....better still a few more heart breaking repatriation parades through Wootton Bassett will piss all over any Ashcroft story.

The Ashcroft factor has alarmed the Conservatives, and there are some who are privately relieved Mr Brown did not call an election on 25 March this week, with the gap in the polls shrinking rapidly.

Even more importantly for Mr Brown, 15 April falls before the next GDP figures are announced on 23 April. After the long hard winter and the return to full VAT rates, it is possible that Britain will dip into negative growth.

A double dip what a shock, was a given we were going to double dip. 1 reason why Ali Darling has been so tight lipped as Gordy has been helping massage the figures.

"If we go on 6 May, those GDP figures could be disastrous ten days before an election," one senior Labour back-bencher told The Scotsman. "I'm not entirely sure what the Prime Minister is thinking, but I am convinced we will have an election on 15 April.

"The only factor against it is that we do not have enormous funds, and we will have to fight two elections, with the English council elections on 6 May."

We have had many stories about Labour lack of funding, however with Mr Harriet Harmon parachuted into a tasty safe seat then Unite will still have a few quid to throw at the campaign.

The SNP's election co-ordinator, Stewart Hosie, MP, said: "There will be a constant stream of bad news over the next few months. "A cut-and-run election in April may be the least worst option for Gordon Brown."

Anyone who votes this man back in is a fucking clown.

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