Thursday, 25 March 2010

Oh Dear Dave.................bit of an issue here !!

A quality piece by Fraser Nelson in The Spectator mulling over what George Osbourne had to say in responce to the budget.

In a nutshell weak, unconvincing, more interested in landing a quality interview timeslot.

Basically lacking any fibre that would make the country feel Osbourne was the right man for the job post May 6th.

Wonder how many tories feel the same???

I have no faith in Osbourne at all. He has no steel, no core, no actual idea of his political thoughts, no idea of fiscal policy..........he is a slimy little bugger as well. His quotes in the interview are testamony to is lack of ability.
I also have zero faith in Liam Fox...........he is a proven liar and a thief !!!

So does "Call Me Dave" think the same.......should he arrive in No10 the morning of the 7th May will Osbourne move into No11 ???????

Does the tory high rankers share the same thoughts.........because if the population think along the same line as me with regards to the tories then the minority parties will do well and labout crash back in for a fourth term.

You have a lot of work to do Cameron and you better be quick !!!!!

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Uncle Marvo said...

... slimy little bugger

is right. After the Badger did his waffling and digging himself a cidery hole yesterday, and CMD was having his little say, Mr O was sitting there trying to look incredulous, like CMD had just produced a rabbit out of his foreskin or something.

That look is not a good look.

Have to say CMD impressed me though. Shame about the muppets.


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