Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Stop Thief !!!!!!!!!!

Liam Fox loses appeal against paying back £22,000 in expenses

Please see full story Here

So over to "Call Me Dave" Cameron with a quick question..............WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT

Easy question !

Remove him from the shadow cabinet.............errr No
Suspend Him..........................eerrr No
Discipline him..............errr No
Deselect him.................errrr No

Because your spineless.
Your also part of the great British political gravy train!

Mr Fox you now have no credibility, anyone who votes for you in the GE requires certified. You have been proven to be dishonest.

Had I increased a mortgage for the reasons he did it and charged my employer I would right now be sharing a cell with big Vern.
Now admittidly more sex but not my first choice style no doubt.

looking forward to what Iain Dale makes of this!!!


Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about him, and I can't rightly remember what it was that he did, but it makes me sick to my stomach that there are people who are in prison for housing benefit fraud and this guy is going to be the next war secretary...

Actually, it would be fun to see him in a cell with big Vern given his revulsion for homosexuals... Yeah, I'd love to see that....well, not actually see it you understand!


The Last Of The Few said...

Mind Bleach please Tris.
You evil blogger you.

Basically in a nut shell he remortagaged his house and spent the money on his second or actual home. Bit of a do up so to speak. Then charged the tax payer through MP's gravy train payment system which you and I cough up for.

So basically we paid to get his house done up.

Done Up its you and me who were done up.

Well the Exp gaffer said not allowed and he must pay it back.

Its the audacity. He thought and planned to do that.

I do notice all the blue nosed little bitches that frequent the blogosphere are now firmly tight lipped.
2 faced little shits.

subrosa said...

I watched Fox's pathetic performance on Newsnight last week. He parroted Ainsworth can you believe?

He had nothing of substance to say and I truly think he has no grasp of his remit.

Dave Cameron really has to get a grip.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info LotF.... I'm sorry for being a bad blogger.... smack!

Surely he must go. He tried to steal that money and he got caught. He can't be the War secretary after this....

Especially as he hasn't got a bloody clue about anything (except interior decoration).

He'll be no better than that useless moustachioed twat Ain't Worth (Is that Harry Worth's brother?)


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