Friday, 26 March 2010

Help Please !

Last night on the BBC there was George Osborne doing a Conservative Party responce for the general public post The budget. It was a bloody joke.

In the interest of balance I was going to blog about JUST HOW CRAP HE IS AND WHAT A LIABILITY to the Tory party that odeous turd is. !!

However I can not find the broadcast on the interweb.
It is not the one on the tory web site.

So if any of you good people come across it please send me a link, so I can do a post.

I would not want Liam Byrne to think I was being bias following his "words can not describe" performance on Question Time last night.



Manwiddicombe sums up the mood as well with this top pic


The Big Dollop said...

there you go bro .. knock yerself out !


The Last Of The Few said...

Sorry BD,

It was not that.

it finished with the standard " That was a Budget reponce by the tory party" type statement.

It had a dark background

Cheers for looking anyway


The Big Dollop said...

ok try this one then .. lol

The Last Of The Few said...


Errrrr Sorry no not that either but I admire your tenacity



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