Friday, 12 March 2010

So there are Men of Honour !!

No I am not talking about members of the armed forces.

I am talking about this group.

Pakistan's entire World Cup hockey squad have announced their international retirement after finishing last at the 12-team tournament in India.

Pakistan lost 3-2 to Canada on Thursday which condemned them to 12th place, their worst ever showing at the tournament.

"The players including captain Zeeshan Ashraf have announced their retirements and intimated this to the Pakistan Hockey Federation president," a federation spokesman said.

"All the players in the team accept their responsibility for the humiliating performance in the World Cup and have decided to retire," Ashraf told Geo News channel from New Delhi.

Earlier, the PHF said it had sacked coach Shahid Ali Khan as well as the team manager and selection committee.

"I have sacked the team management and the national selection committee because of our shameful performance in the World Cup," PHF president Qasim Zia said.

I think this is great...................some honour.

Some men who have said and I quote a "shameful performance"......."humiliating".

Now if our PM was to sit down and think, was to view his humiliating performances, his shameful handling of various issues................why could he not do the honourable this and just go????????

But still 56 days and counting !!!!!



Anonymous said...


Prime minister?


Nope, can't work it out. Doesn't make any kind of sense to me.

The Last Of The Few said...


indeed he has none, so 55 days to go and the country can show him.

However the incumbernts after that maybe no better but lets deal with that when it happens.


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