Monday, 8 March 2010

Soviet Style Politics in the UK

So many have written about the Soviet Style of politics that our current government employ.

But this article in the Telegraph seems to reinforce that idea even further.

Go read but make sure you have no sharp objects about your person !!!

I quote :- British journalists and TV crews are to be banned from the Afghan front line once a date for the election has been set, while senior officers will be prohibited from making public speeches and talking to reporters.

MoD websites will also be “cleansed” of any “non-factual” material including anything containing troops’ opinions of the war, according to a memo leaked to The Daily Telegraph.

Err replace the word cleansed with censorship and you might be a bit nearer the mark.

The edict comes as Gordon Brown was accused of using British troops as “political props” by visiting Afghanistan the day after giving evidence to the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq War.

So why is this can this be justified!!!!!! ??????

I will tell you why............simple really...........bury bad news, prevent pics like this being seen

And This

And This

Now CF has opened his blog to the Troops................and I will do the same.
You email it to me I will post it for address on the left!


Especially when you want to return to No10...............utter contempt!


Fitaloon said...

Posted on this last night, Cannot believe we are living in a country being run by these Stalinists.
Happily there are people in other countries who will ensure that we know what is actually happening and will ensure that this will backfire.
Our troops are supposed to be fighting for our freedom and then Brown does this

The Last Of The Few said...

Indeed FL, I blew a gasket when I saw this first this.
Well my blog is open to the troops, send it to me and I will post it.

Talk about soviet politics of the cold war era!!!


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