Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Bugger ..................... What a clever Panda

No Bugger is his name.

He frequents Subrosas blog and every now and again likes to visit my wee page of musings with a comment or 2.

However in response to my post below this one he comes up with a spot of further maths that is very scary indeed.!!!!

Think about this

If 2.75 millions equals 7.8% of the workforce, this means the workforce is potentially 35.6 millions.

8.16 millions represents 24% of the potential workforce.

Factor in spouses, civil servants, local gummint spongers, etc and I bet this would come close to the 30% who say they will vote Labour.

Now you know, the significance of the client state to Labour.

Keep them poor, keep them dependent and harvest their postal votes.

And bugger me Gordons back in No.10 again

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