Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Stat Analysis

Ok folks go back to Ollies place and check out his stats analysis work.

It gets worse............a lot bloody worse.

UPDATE More gems from the ONS report

The employment rate for the three months to January 2010 was 72.2 per cent. The rate is down
0.3 on the quarter and it has not been lower since the three months to November 1996.

The number of inactive people of working age increased by 149,000 over the quarter to reach a record high of 8.16 million.

The number of people in public sector employment was 6.10 million in December 2009, up 7,000 from September 2009. The number of people in private sector employment was 22.76 million, down 61,000 from September 2009.

I had assumed earlier that the 8.16 million includes the unemployed, it appears it does not they are a further 2.45 million making a total of 10.61 million people of working age who are without work.


When Conservative MP Theresa may challenged Labour MP Jim Night on the Daily Politics about the 8.16 million inactive people of working age he implied they are mostly students. They are not. This figure includes 2.31 million students, which although the highest figure since comparable records began is only a little over a quarter of the total.

Well add that to the comments from Bugger in the below post and its pretty fucking clear now is it not?????

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