Wednesday, 17 March 2010

MP's Still Stealing

MP's are just the wost. The lowest of the low.
Being an MP is just an excuse to act in a deplorable manner and basically authorised theft from the public.

Its getting worse.

We now have the cant pay my subsidised drinks and food bill scandal.

Scores are expected to be identified as having failed to settle their Commons restaurant tabs for more than three months. Some of the bills run to thousands of pounds.

However, many more MPs whose bills have been outstanding for less than 90 days will not be named, on the grounds that they have not breached the grace period for settling accounts.

The move follows a Freedom of Information Act request by the Press Association which sparked six months of wrangling between Commons officials, MPs and lawyers over how to respond.

MPs objected and demanded further legal advice after being told last autumn that the details of their unpaid bills were set to be published.

The Commons has now decided that it will only release the names of the MPs who have owed money for more than 90 days.

Bob Castle, head of information rights, said the House had decided that ''disclosure of individual indebtedness'' would breach the Data Protection Act where MPs were ''operating within the letter and spirit of the system of personal accounts''.

However, it has been concluded that this balance changes at the end of the 90 day period following on from the recording of the debt,'' he added, in a formal response.

The timing of the release is still unclear, the Commons saying it needs yet to consult the MPs it intends to name.

Last August, 329 MPs owed a total of £138,046 on their refreshment department accounts - an average of £419 each.

They included 77 MPs who have failed to settle £45,150-worth of tabs averaging more than £500 each for more than six months.

Food and drink in the Commons is already subsidised by the taxpayer to the tune of £6.1 million a year, roughly half the catering budget.

The forthcoming release will include the names of MPs and amounts owed on September 1, 2009, for more than 90 days.


So just to remind you....

We the taxpayer..... subsidise that bunch already to over £6 Million quid a year for food and drinks inside Westminster.
They get £400.00 per month allowance already for without having to submit a receipt for food.

And they still cant pay up on time.

Its also the fact it took them 6 bloody months of forward and backwards arguing to come to an agreement on what to do.

Any other comapny would have that paid immediately back to them.

However all memebers of the political class feel they are an elitist group to whom normal rules no longer apply.

Freeloading bastards !!!!

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Anonymous said...

Freeloading bastards... yep, that's it.

Why can't they see that every time they try to hide something from us we immediately know that it is because they have been stealing again.

Benefit cheats aren't a quarter as bad as they are.

Thieving bastards....


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