Thursday, 10 December 2009

Willie Rennie loves tae eat!!

Members of the 646 club can claim 400 quid a month in food with not a piece of paper to prove it.

Willie Rennie MP ( My local Lib Dem 646 club fully paid up member) loves his food whilst away from home.

Some months he even likes to claim for a bit more than the free £400.00 no receipts required exp payment.

See Here

I will bet you he puts that down to a clerical error.
Well Mr Rennie I will say this..........If you are making errors like that you had better stand down as an MP as I do not trust you, and that error shows you are not fit enough to stand as a MP. I mean how can you be trusted to represent us when error are being made like that. What elese even more serious could you make an error with.

Now that has me concerned so as a result, guess what ............... I am gonna spend a quiet evening.......just me a wee bottle of Highland Park and trawl through these few sheets.....who knows what I may come up!!!!!!

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subrosa said...

He claims at least double my monthly income. Disgraceful. Why are we paying these people's utilities and council tax plus the FULL mortgage?


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