Monday, 14 December 2009

A Nice Post.................before the usual Ranting Starts

As many devout readers are aware the art of egg chasing is my absolute passion.

I also coach a team of boys.
These boys are Scottish P7 which puts them in the 10-11 age group.

Now yesterday we played Stewarts Melville.

Stewarts Melville is a very posh, well to do, Scottish Private school.
See here

You know the kind of school Subrosa went to (Yes Mary Erskine I know).

They are good at rugby........what would you expect with Sean Lineen (head coach of the Warriors) as a former pupil and still coaching at the school.

Well cut a long story down to size.
yesterday ma wee bairns gave them a doin'!!!!!

Oh what a day!!!!

Firstly we disposed of Biggar RFC then straight on against the 12K a year fee's crew.

I am very pleased to say..........Stewarts Melville lost.

From the photo I dont care how big you boys hit you right, you go down, you will loose.

A fine day and the boys deserve there day in the sun (except no sun, lots of ice and frost and fog but you get my drift).

A coaching team enjoyed a small beverage by way of celebration.

Well done boys...........But your still all going training Weds night.


Anonymous said...

He he... Congratulations to the lads. Brilliant to see kids getting involved with sport instead of drink and drugs... and well done to you for giving up your time to support and teach them.

subrosa said...

If anyone could do it your lads could LotF. Congratulations. Me go to Mary Erskine's? Naw, a better school than that - Morgan Academy, Dundee had the pleasure of my company, for a whole 10 years too.

The Last Of The Few said...

Thanks you 2,

I was horse at the end of the day
But proud


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