Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Brown & Mandleson.......Not a very merry Christmas it seems

During the summer just passed a series of shock resignations from the Government threaten the end for Gordon Brown as PM. Caroline Flint was described as having driven a stiletto through the heart of government.

Lord Fondlebum has been credited with ensuring that Gordon Brown survived as Prime Minister when he successfully rallied cabinet colleagues behind Mr Brown when this series of resignations in June threatened to force him from office.

However, he has grown increasingly disenchanted with Mr Brown and in recent weeks the relationship has deteriorated further.

Last night, one close friend of Lord Mandelson stated: “Peter thinks that Gordon has used him to stay in place and has now just disposed of him. He clearly thinks he has served his purpose and Peter is upset about that.”

Disputes over policy have stretched the relationship between the two men to breaking point. A source claims that Lord Mandelson feels he has been “ganged up on” on various issues.

This month’s pre-Budget report, which attacked the bankers and failed to offer a more credible route for paying off the deficit further, infuriated the Business Secretary.

He made it clear he did not agree with “banker-bashing” but was over-ruled by Mr Brown.

Of course Mandleson did not because Brown wants to use that excuse to rally public support. He clearly knew what the banks were doing with toxic debt and let it happen. He gacve a hooky 60 Billion out in Nov 08 and tried to keep it hush.
He also felt slighted when Mr Brown did not push him for the European Union foreign affairs job when that was in his gift last month. Instead it went to the largely unheard of Cathy Ashton, Britain’s trade commissioner.

But also central to the falling out is Mr Brown’s decision to stubbornly refuse to change his plan to fight the election on “investment versus cuts”.

A senior Labour MP said: “Peter and Alistair (Darling) dragged Gordon to a place over the summer where he had to be more realistic about possible cuts. The result was the TUC speech.

“However, he regressed very quickly in his own conference speech and since into trying to ignore what needs to be done to deal with the deficit. Both Peter and Alistair felt he needed to be far less crude and more realistic.”

Meanwhile, Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, has returned to a key role alongside the Prime Minister.

So as the battle lines for next year 2010 GE are drawn Gordy props the bunker up with his Hitler type allies.
But I tell you this they will run a mile once the writing is finally on the wall.


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