Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Afghan air force to quadruple in size

In a report in Reuters...........see here........ it is being reported that Afghanistan will receive more than 150 fixed- and rotor-wing aircraft from its Western allies over the next six years, the Afghan Defense Ministry said on Monday, quadrupling the size of its neglected air force.

Afghan Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak, speaking during a parliament debate on Monday, said by 2016 the Afghan Air Force would have an additional 152 aircraft, bringing the total number to more than 200. The air force currently has 52 aircraft.

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman General Zaher Azimy said they were working on obtaining the aircraft sooner.

"We have in our developmental plan to bring the delivery time to 2014. We are working on this," Azimy said, adding the United States would be the main provider.

The fleet will include 74 MI-17 transport helicopters as well as fixed-wing transport planes and fighter jets, Azimy said.

Sorry 74 heavy lift helicopters !!!!!...........a quick look on Wiki tells us it has a payload of approx 32 men. Dear me imagine what we could do with 74 helicopters in Afghanistan of this size.

Oh and before someone starts shouting saying its a Russian airframe, its of Russian supply.................us soft arses here in the UK will be paying the bloody Russians to build them.

In the meantime we have to wait for 2013 to come along to take delivery of our 22 new Chinooks for our troops as detailed last week by Mr 21 out of 23. ...............Oh wait I lied ............ in fact I did what he did as he has only ordered 10 with an option on another 22.........see here.

But hey what another 300 servicemens lives.............only a stamp and a shitty written letter eh!

The contempt that this government show is beyond belief.
Also notice the spineless Tories and the what the point of being here Lib Dems have said sweet F.A.

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