Monday, 14 December 2009

Berlusconi not being released from Hospital

So Silvio Belusconi is to remain in hospital is he?????????

Whats the betting with his reputation he is getting "Special Bedcare" !!!!!

Silvio Berlusconis private nurse was unavailable for comment!!!

The Italian prime minister is being treated for a fractured nose, two damaged teeth and cuts to his lips.

After speaking at a gathering of his conservative supporters in Milan, Mr Berlusconi was attacked by a man, who was arrested immediately.

The 73-year-old premier was left with a bloodied face and quickly bundled into a car.

Mr Berlusconi's personal doctor was quoted as saying the billionaire leader would remain at the San Raffaele Hospital at least until Tuesday.

A medical bulletin released by the hospital said the PM was taking antibiotics and painkillers, as the pain is "persistent".

She will help is go away no doubt!!!!


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Sam Wright said...

I'm surprised that Berlusconi ventured out into such a rowdy crowd; it seems like no major world leader should do that in any case


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