Friday, 11 December 2009

Do F******g What...........Babies with Bombs

I have just read about the most absurd anti-terror tactic now to be emplyed by our police and government.

Basically anti-terror police are to monitor nurseries for Islamic radicalisation.

In an e-mail to community groups, an officer in the West Midlands counter-terrorism unit wrote: “I do hope that you will tell me about persons, of whatever age, you think may have been radicalised or be vulnerable to radicalisation ... Evidence suggests that radicalisation can take place from the age of 4.”

What evidence..........who you expect to see a child looking like this, with a hat on like this ?????

The police unit confirmed that counter-terrorist officers specially trained in identifying children and young people vulnerable to radicalisation had visited nursery schools.

We then learn that Norman Bettison, Chief Constable of West Yorkshire speaking from his booze club oooops sorry I mean on behalf of ACPO on the Government’s anti-terror strategy, said that the officer’s e-mail was a “clumsy” attempt to explain it.

'But the email says they have visited already.............this is a policy they are acting on !!!!!!!!!!'

Bit more socialist stasi policing policy.
Postman pat has kept is gob shut I notice.


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