Thursday, 3 December 2009

Another Blogger Retires

Sadly the lovely Subrosa has stepped down.

Please read here.

I would just like to thank Mr Winton.

I owe a lot to Rosie.
I play at blogging I admit.

However without her words of encouragement I would not even be this far down the road.
I would have let dyslexia take over totally.

I for 1 will miss her musings,her insight, her wit, her humour.
Her Super 7 ..... apost I had a fair few mentions on.

Her steadfast dedication to the Troops in Afghanistan was second to none.
IMHO she favoured no one apart from our troops.
She viewed politics from many angles and indeed I think fell foul of others for that.
She allowed debate, even full disagreement, she even mediated

I remember the rascist incident. I for 1 commented heavily on that and she had my full support.

I may not have agreed with everything she posted but I defend her right to post and state it.

Blogs are about opinions............opinions of the author....or so I thought.
It seems others fear the opinions of certain bloggers and when they fear they get nasty..........they threaten..........they act on threats.

Her decision for closing is hers and hers alone...............however I now feel a shitstorm coming in the blogosphere.


RantinRab said...

What the hell is going on?

The Big Dollop said...

Hey Bro
The tidings are indeed Sad and Doleful.

Semper Fi

The Last Of The Few said...


Dunno fully but some SNP stuff.

Wardog was a target.

Jeff on SNP tack voting made a boob and was battered six ways till Sunday for it.

There is a wee man called Winton (no not Dale but as creepy). He has abolg called Planet Politics.
Anyway he went for SR's anonimity.
Did some searches, threatened to come to her door.
Sent her private emails exposing her details.

All very nasty and sordid.

She has the Rozzers on the case. Some cyber cops or something.

Basically she has been advised by lawyers and the police to shut down.

Bit of a mess and a bit shitty.

Personally this Winton character needs some TLOTF, RR and BD pain.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Subrosa encouraged and helped me too. I've posted a few words of respect over on Munguin's Republic.

I didn't always agree with her, but she was always polite and reasonable and I enjoyed our disagreements as much as the many things we agreed on.

She was, and of course still is, a staunch supporter of the troops, wherever they are, but particularly in Afghanistan where we are fighting a stupid war which we won't win, underfunded and badly equipped and run by a buffoon of unimaginable stupidity.

What has happened to her is a scandal and this little slimeball who has caused her this heartache deserves whatever is coming his way.

As Mr Mandleson would say, he's a right chump.

Quiet_Man said...

She hasn't shut down, just went private, with a bit of luck (and a restraining order or two) she'll return to the fold.
I hope so anyway.

Dawdels said...

Dear All

Strange/threatening comment left by Ali on the Hootsmans Tues edition!

aspicasp said...

Dare I suggest Iain Dale may be interested in this and what is occurring on other blogs tonight like ScunnertNation and the chap who does the Hootsmon.

The English blogosphere may be interest.


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