Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Please Read.............PMQ PM Insults the Disabled

A friend of mine, Elizabeth has a child with a speech disability.

Basically a lovely child who is mute.

During todays PMQ's our "most respected" PM made a reference to David Cameron and I quote ''sorry he had not lost the gift of speech''.

Elizabeth is furious.

As a result she has emailed the powers that be so too speak and is now starting to protest at this statement by the PM.

The email content is here and I have hiden Elizabeths surname for her protection.

to "SHAYLOR, Christine"
cc Advice
date Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 12:35 PM
subject Re; PM Brown

12:35 PM (2 hours ago)

I am offended by PM Browns' address today (PMQs') to Mr.Cameron stating he was sorry Mr.Cameron ''had not lost the gift of speech''- as a parent of a non-verbal child, I am horrified, especially seeing as Mr.Brown is parent of a disabled child also, I would like you to please advise Mr.Brown to have a Social Work assessment for his parenting skills without delay - I am also complaining to the Disability Law Service

Yours sincerely,


I appreciate Cameron and Brown have a loathing of each other.
However when has the political debate meant that insults have now to be traded in this manner????

So I see fully where Elizabeth is coming from.
She has asked for the content of her email to be put around and used by others as you see fit.

So please feel free to publish/post on your blogs.

I hope she gets a formal reply............would be interesting to see it.
Let me have a copy if you do please Elizabeth?


subrosa said...
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The Last Of The Few said...


Thanks mum

Hugs as ever


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