Friday, 6 November 2009

I have said it before I will say it again!

Remember I did THIS post back in September.

I made an apology for swearing outloud on my blog.

But well its my blog and time has moved on.

And guess what............that odeous little turd is Back.........see here

Once again that foul stench of an individual, that deranged cretin, that MP Expense sucking papasite George Foulkes has returned with another 1 of his standard " if someone speaks the truth I am going to discredit and smear that individual" retorts.

And as its late Friday and the pub is calling me.............I am just going to quote direct from the above article...

"But shortly after Prime Minister Gordon Brown issued a staunch defence of his Government’s policy on Afghanistan yesterday, a Lord’s debate on the issue was to reveal a split in the security committee.

Lord George Foulkes branded claims that British troops should be pulled out of Afghanistan as “plain wrong” and “doubly irresponsible”.

And he said comments were “ill informed, gratuitous and sensational”.

Foulkes, who is MSP for the Lothians region, warned that British forces fighting in Afghanistan are performing vital work and said a withdrawal could lead to further terror attacks.

His stance represents a massive split in the parliamentary intelligence and security committee, which Dr Howells chairs and Lord Foulkes advises.

In a speech, Lord Foulkes was expected to say: “Ill informed, gratuitous and sensational calls for withdrawal serve only to undermine the action of the forces on the ground.

“And they are doubly irresponsible because the critics, with very few exceptions, offer no alternative of how to cope with the terrorist threat.”

He warned that if the work to shut down terror cells in Afghanistan is not followed through, more innocent people will pay with their blood.

He said: “More innocent people will die unless these terror cells are closed. This needs action in both Pakistan, which the government there is undertaking, and Afghanistan, where the UN has this responsibility.

“Our action, as part of the UN force, is now being undermined by the growing criticism, much of which is based on irresponsible and ill-informed coverage in parts of the media.”

And although 229 British service people have lost their lives in the conflict, Lord Foulkes claims they face the danger as part of their duties."

You have to read my earlier post and this whole article.
if you do.........put all sharp objects away and get any kids out of the room to realise was a complete shit of an individual this man is!!

And I have said it before and I will say it again..............Foulkes why dont you just FUCK OFF!

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Mr Foulkes obviously isn't aware that most of the terrorists are in Pakistan. Neither, it seems is he aware that there are all manner of places that the terrorists can go besides Afghanistan and Pakistan, like Somalia, Yemen, and now that we got rid of the man who kept them out of there, Iraq.

If I lived in Lothians, I'd be wondering why Mr Foulkes was in London playing with the old men in the House of Lords instead of involving himself with the job that my taxes are paying him to do in Scotland. Ineed , even though I don't live in Lothians, I am still wondering that.


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