Monday, 9 November 2009

Another Piggy Throws in the Towel

Parliament has seen the first MP resign in protest at new rules introduced by David Kelly last week. Source Here

Labour MP Jane Kennedy said she was neither "able nor willing" to work under the new rules mapped out in the Kelly Review last week.

She employs her partner, Peter Dowling, to work in her office – a practise which will be phased out under the new rules.

"I do think we need to try to educate the public about the pressures MPs work under," she told her local paper, the Liverpool Echo.

"The pressures are constant - yes it's rewarding but the pressures are incessant.

"I think I feel that parliament is going to change to a very great extent and I am not sure if I am able or willing to make the change," she continued.

"I am coming up to 52 and I am too old to be told I have to live in barracks.

She added that she was fed up with “highly personal attacks,” and dismayed at recommendations in the Kelly review into the future of Commons’ allowances which would bar MPs from having relatives on the payroll and force them to rent second homes.

"It's not the primary reason, but it is a factor. I am tired, and if I am honest I think the tactics of my opponents are a factor.

"I have spent 20 years fighting elections in which I have faced highly personalised attacks that have little to do with policy and are all about you as a person - that is very draining. "I want to do something else, I don't want to go into retirement.

"I think a lot of people sneer when you want to spend more time with your family.

"But when you have served in government for ten years, yes it's rewarding as an individual, but it is also very draining and has an impact on your family in lots of ways that you are aware of but there is nothing you can do about it."

The former environment minister and critic of Gordon Brown's administration, was facing a tough battle against the Liberal Democrats in the coming general election for the marginal seat of Liverpool Wavertree.

I will credit this lady with 1 thing in that she was 1 of the voices who came out in public in june and told Gordon Brown to go, but she said Mr Brown was not a factor behind her decision to quit.

But IMHO from what this woman has said I do not buy her "More Time with the Family arguement".
What I do think she should have said meaning was "There are no more station stops on the gravy train for me, so I am off."
I mean she said what she thought in June so why not say it now.

Bye bye Piggy.

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