Monday, 9 November 2009

Illiterate, Ignorant, Dis-respectful and just an embarassment

I am dyslexic.

This blog would not exist if it was not for "The Dundee Wifey" and her encouragement.

However where possible I use spell checker, and a piece of reader software to make things easier for me.

I have a good job which I love and it is no hinderance to me.

The 1 thing I strive to do is not embarass myself by putting out scrawls of illiterate crap as a last min "oh I had better do that" to show a little respect.

Now I am referring to the now much publicised letter our PM sent to the mother of Guardsman Janes killed in Afghanistan last week.

I am not perfect, but I think about it before I do it and dont have a boat load of staff on hand to double check what I do write.

Well see for yourself the state of this so called "Personal and heartfelt letter of condolence"

I mean just look at it............he's the bloody PM!!!!!!

Again words fail me.............this off the back of the blatant dis-respect shown at the cenotaph.

And in a further admission of his ignorance and stupidity this morning our PM phones Mrs Janes to apologise for said letter.

Weapons grade tool.

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The Big Dollop said...

Yea bro ... Rosa has a lot to answer for apparently - LOL


subrosa said...

Oh BD, tut tut lol. Listen gentlemen, all I said was that if I could blog you two certainly could and I've been proved right - woohoo!!

For any warmonger to send a letter of condolence is such an insult imo. In some ways I'm sad the mother promoted the fact Brown did this because now so many non-thinking people will think he's compassionate.

He's no more caring than the greenfly on my roses.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this on this morning's Today Programme, where they repeat the news every half hour. After the first broadcast the ever loyal BBC had added that the Prime Minister has admitted having problems with his eyes.

Why, oh why is it that these people can never just put their hands up and say.... mea culpa... They are like children, there always has to be a "the dog ate it" kind of excuse.

No one would deny that he has to be a busy man; he's trying to hold together a country which he completely and utterly broke, but surely he could have taken the time to write the letter clearly and legibly without any mistakes. My dad used to make me write my "thank you letters" that way.

I suppose there are people who would take some sort of solace in the fact that the head of the government had taken time to write a letter like that, but Brown could give a masterclass in how not to do it.

Personally, I think that that letter should come from the head of state, not some fly by night, here today, gone tomorrow politician.

If Elizabeth reads this blog she might like to think about it.

In the meantime, if the Prime Minister reads it, I'd advise him of this:

Remember that you are writing, not as an individual. When you write on that paper that we provide you are writing on behalf of all of us. A profoundly serious and sad letter to a mother who has lost her son on our behalf. Do it with some f***ing respect.


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