Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Britain - A new corrupt Country

For 1 thing I did not realise such a table or chart existed.

But as reported in the Telegraph Britain has slipped to a 11-year low in an annual ranking of the world’s most corrupt countries in the wake of the MPs’ expenses scandal.

Well fuck me sideways, so basically a country of best part of 60 million has been pnted down this chart by the actions of the 646 club and a few Lords.

The annual “corruption index” from Transparency International - which has been published since 1995 - found that Britain had slipped one place to 17th out of 180 countries.

Transparency International gave the UK a Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) score of 7.7. Before 2008, the UK's score had never slipped below 8.

The non-governmental organisation, which is based in Berlin, blamed the poor showing on a collapse in confidence in politicians triggered by the MPs’ expenses scandal.

Chandrashekhar Krishnan, executive director of Transparency International UK, said the Parliamentary Standards’ Commissioner should be on call “24-7” to advise on best practice while MPs should receive “ethical training in their jobs.

He added: “The UK should be aspiring to a CPI score which puts it in the top ten – not struggling to make the top 20. It should demonstrate that its own house is in order before exhorting developing countries to improve their governance.”

The report suggested that all MPs commit to the Seven Principles of Public Life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. If they broke them they should be expelled from their political party.

That last statement..................I cant stop laughing and its no laughing matter.

They are still uncovering blatant troughing.
The political classes are still saying "errr family pressure must stand down"
George Foulkes is still shooting his fat mouth off.
The Kelly recommendations is still a white wash smoke screen of an effort.

And we like mugs still have the same bunch of theiving bastards and will vote them back in.

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