Sunday, 8 November 2009

I dont f****ing Believe I just saw that!!!!!

I actually had to go back and see it again.

I am not advertising here but thats the beauty of a Sky+ box.

Anyway allow me to enlighten.

I went to church this am, my Remembrance Sunday trip.
Not a church go-er save wedding funerals and this Sundays visit.

I went to the war memorial which overlooks the Forth.
Beautiful weather, cold but a beautiful day.

I completed my duties and quickly went home got changed as well you know kids, rugby training would not wait.

I got back, had a shower, made some lunch, turned on the TV and hit play to watch the Cenotaph Ceremony this am.

Went off as well as it always does until the wreath laying ceremony.

And fuck me sideways what did I watch.
Every member of the wreath laying ceremony went forward and laid there tribute. They all took a step back and bowed their head or nodded or a gesture of some sort.

EXCEPT 1 Person!!!!!!

Guess who?????

Picture below as a clue!!!!!

I had to watch it twice..........and yep he did nothing.

Words totally fail me!


Anonymous said...

You would have thought that he could have managed to effect some sort of mark of respect. I mean it's not like he isn't a hugely accomplished liar.

I would like to know why Harriet Harman was in the line up with other senior figures. She's deputy leader of the Labour Party, not the Deputy Prime Minister. It's a bit thick that the SNP and Plaid have to take turn about at the Cenotaph and that daft cow gets to go along and pretend like she matters.

subrosa said...

I watched it on Sky and they took the camera off him and put it on the poppies. Now I know why.

subrosa said...

His ignorance can been seen on iPlayer LotF.

00.42.57 in. I see he has the support of his warmonger pal Blair behind too.

V4V said...

I came back from church and did the same with my sky plus after spotting it, I blogged it straight away.

V for Vendetta

(Join the lawful rebelion)


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