Friday, 20 November 2009

Hugh Orde........Labour Luvvie

Sir Hugh Orde..........former Metroplitain Police........former Chief Constable of Northern Ireland........and now Head of ACPO.

The Chief police officers piss up club.........we here in Scotland have ACPOS.

In an interview with the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, he said it was ''absolutely critical'' that they were operationally independent in terms of how they delivered policing in their areas.

But they are not..........we see that every day.
Damian Green affair.
MP expenses.....and dont think yesterdays piggies files will actually turn into something.
Brazillian sparkies on trains.
Harriet Harman car smash..........again dont think anything will come of it.

The Conservatives are committed to directly-elected commissioners with wide powers to hire and fire chief constables and to set budgets and policing priorities in England and Wales.

Sir Hugh, the former Northern Ireland chief constable who took over as Acpo president earlier this year, insisted that there should be no perception of political influence in policing.

''Operation independence is absolutely critical,'' he said. ''Even the perception that the police service of this country - a British style of policing which is so important - is under any political influence, I think that suggests you cannot argue that you are a proper democratic society. It's as simple and as stark as that.

''We should not be influenced by anyone who has any potential or suggestion for a political basis.''

Sir Hugh suggested that some chief officers would resign rather than accept the Conservative plans.

''I would not be surprised to see chief officers not want to be part of a system where they can be told how to deliver policing,'' he said.

Asked if he would quit, he said: ''I don't, sadly, have a police service anymore. But if I was a chief officer and was subject to direct political control, I absolutely would.''

We need an elected body.
The police need to be accountable.
They currently are not.
They are loose canons who shot folks on trains, beat the crap out of newspapaer sellers, allow feral youth to run neighbourhoods.

They get crapped on by government paperwork and targets.

When an elelcted body who was responsible to the people would theoretically ensure that the wishes of the people would be carried out.

Oh stupid me thats what the 646 club was about.
I am talking out my arse again aren't I???

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