Thursday, 19 November 2009

Another U Turn

Lets cut to the chase!!!

Yesterdays Queens Speech was nothing more than a cheap Labour Manifesto/Electioneering shot in preparation for the 2010 GE.

A complete waste of time.

Full of hot air and no substance and basically no chance that it would make it to the statute books.

What they did do was make huge noise about bankers bonus and basically highlight the vote winners of common man "so they think" or basically someone who does not realise that Labour helped and encouraged bank risk and bonus, as they have arse raped our manufacturing industry to the point where financial services are our mainstay.

They trot out Harperson with the same old retoric that its "un-precidented, unforseen" financial circumstances, world economy.............oh shut up, you are just regurgitating old party lines.

Just quickly before I move part of the speech which is about statute going forward the bank deficit was mentioned. So in theory if what they said did go trough and the bank deficit was not reduced.........DO I have a legal recourse againt the government??????? Just a thought!

Anyway........ask any man in the street what was the headline story of 2009 and I would guess they would say MP' Noses in the trough. The expenses scandal.

And what was in the speech about same said expenses.............Yep NOTHING!!!!

The single event that has rendered British Politics and the Body Politic itself, utterly shredded and in tatters.
Never has confidence been so low.

I wonder why...........maybe this here has something to do with it. The 6 piggy trougher who the rozzers have prepared files for the CPS on.

But wait as reported here, whilst being tackled by the opposition it seems our PM has got himself into ANOTHER U-TURN.

He has now this am said he will table legislation to curb expenses.

Oh the credibility of this man.............the world standing..............the high regard he is held in........roll on the GE.

It trust Fido and Subrosa on their blogs will further enhance this story and using their blog libraries can embellish on some of our illustious PM's other famous U-Turn.

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