Thursday, 5 November 2009

Go to this Link

And visit Tris.

A simple comparison but I that I feel is worthy of a good few comments.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up the link. It's something I promised I would make a fuss about. It's just not good enough that our justice system thinks that it's OK for MPs to get away with theft but it's an imprisonable offence when carried out by the working class.

We need to make it clear to government that this is NOT acceptable.

The Last Of The Few said...


I need to disagree with you.

Its not a working class thing.

It is an imprisonable offence when committed by any class other than the political class.

Anonymous said...

My mistake TLOTF. You're quite right. It's anyone except the Windsors, the Lords, the Commons and the hangers on.

I'm looking forward to some interesting points of view.....

But we MUST make them see that this is not the kind of country we are going to live in.


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