Tuesday, 17 November 2009

So lets clear this up then.

Jensen Button. F1 World Champion.
hats off to you.


This time last year you were facing no drive, no job as Honda has said "sorry we are skint".

Then they pleaded with a certain Mr Ross Brawn.

The same said Ross Brawn who guided both Benetton and Ferrari to multiple titles.
The man who is unversally recognised as the brain behind every team he has worked for. A fine CV.

You took a huge pay cut just to be on the grid.

And off we went with the 2009 season.

Good start Jensen............no one could touch you.

Lewis who I heard you cry!!!!

But then they did.

From about the middle of the year onwards you started to get caught.
You started not loosing.
Indeed you car improved but the others did, just a bit more.

But you triumphed, you won congratulations.
World Champion.

So lets cut to the chase.

If Lewis Hamilton was in that car you would be nothing.

And now due to the work of Ross Brawn you think you can just blackmail him into a stupid motherfucker of a pay rise because you are World Champion.

I mean lets be fair in the multiple race you ever entered before RB came along you were only a winner in Hungary several years ago..............ONCE.

Hardly fabby stats are they.

But hey lets try a screw Ross for cash.

Lets go to Maclaren and team up with Lewis.
Do you not think that side by side with Lewis in equal cars you will be made to look like the half baked driver who just got lucky that you actually are.

And now Merc close their deal with Maclaren give or take the terms I agree, and they then take over Brawn.

They keep Ross as the boss because lets be fair the best engines and the best brains in F1 must be kept together. And ok ok say Maclaren will still have Merc donks but lets face it why would they give them special treatment and the best equipment over and above their own team.

Makes me wonder.

So in a nut shell you keep whoring yourself about.
Making stupid salary demands.
Trying to blackmail you old bosses.

After all they have no contract with you anymore.

I hope they dont take you back and get a new guy (Vettel) who also would wipe the floor with you.

You media whore tosser of an individual.

As a result you will be handed over to my blog friend G.O.T and The Eye at there special blog here to gain 1 of his most special awards.

Look forward in seeing you get it.

Love ya Bye!!!!


Anonymous said...

Jenson's nomination was thoroughly deserved and therefore has been duly presented with his award ;-)

The Last Of The Few said...


Most excellant and I thank you.
I hope he keeps it for all time.


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