Thursday, 18 November 2010

OMG ........... Shocker of a story !!!

♫ I believe that children are our future,
Teach them well and let them lead the way* ♪

Unfortunately what some of our children are being taught is not quite what as a society we'd expect. Now I know kids are generally violent little psychopaths not terribly adult in their dealings with each other, but as parents and teachers it's up to us to show them how to deal with those they don't get on with and show respect. It's not an easy job, but sometimes it's made all the harder when religion becomes involved.

FIVE Muslim schoolboys threatened to kill a patriotic classmate for supporting British troops.
The 12-year-old yobs boasted they planned to attack terrified Darius Gill, 13, with knives and knuckle dusters for not supporting Islamic extremists.
They made the threats on ­Facebook after Darius – who has a white mother and Asian father – posted a touching tribute on the same website to troops who have lost their lives defending Britain.
I think we can see where the next generation of poppy burners are coming from.

The gang – along with a white girl also aged 12 – have now been excluded from their school, the ­Sidney Stringer Academy which is in a predominantly Muslim area of Coventry.
One gang member said in a ­Facebook message littered with spelling mistakes: “Fight on ­Monday gonna be heavy knuckle dusters nd knifes hopefully I don’t die.”
Another added: “ill bang him ma slef am a terrorist.” One of the youngsters even posted a picture of himself holding a rifle. Darius’ mother Clare Allington, 42, who lives in Coventry, said: “If I hadn’t read the threats and pulled my son out of school that day he could be dead.
“They might just be school children but they are fanatical and dangerous. The threats have to be taken seriously.
“My son wrote supporting the British troops in Afghanistan and also said he was sad so many soldiers had died.
“It’s appalling and extremely upsetting for Darius.”
The school confirmed that six pupils had been disciplined for the hate campaign and face permanent expulsion pending an investigation.
Now it might just be threats, but facebook apparently was used for it.

But a gang of pupils at Sidney Stringer Academy in Coventry – a predominantly Muslim area – expressed outrage at Darius’ patriotism.
One message – littered with spelling mistakes – said: ”Fight on Monday gonna be heavy knuckle dusters nd knifes hopefully I don’t die.”
His pal added: ”ill bang him ma slef am a terrorist.”
One of the thugs also posted a chilling picture of himself holding a rifle.
Shockingly, other pupils – who have set up a Muslim Defence League which celebrates British deaths in Afghanistan – also added comments condemning Darius.
They set up a Muslim defence league? A dyslexic one at that?
13 years ago I would have laughed at anyone suggesting that the UK could face a civil war or massive civil unrest by about 2020, now I'm not so sure. 13 years ago I would have laughed at any suggestion of the English working class setting up their own grass roots movement outside the auspices of politics called the EDL to defend against the continuing assault on our culture and values by politicians, activists and a totalitarian ideology wrapped up in religious trappings. I'm not laughing now.
Well we've had New Labour and look around you to see what happens when a political movement decides it would be good to rub the "rights" faces in multiculturalism and diversity by opening the doors of uncontrolled immigration. It might have worked but for one major problem, Islam doesn't do diversity, doesn't do multiculturalism, doesn't play nice with anyone not in Islam.
New Labour may just have consigned the UK's next generation to a terrible civil war in the name of diversity and multiculturalism.

Hat tip to the Quiet Man

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