Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I never thought I would see this day!!!

Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, has said that plans which could put British combat troops including the SAS under French command make “perfect sense”. Well they might make perfect sense to an imbecile, (or politicians) but they don't make sense to me.

See here

When it comes to the defence of the realm, you make damned sure that your armed forces and all the attachments that go with it remain under your command. You for instance don't allow a foreign military however friendly to command your troops under any circumstances simply because their interests may not be in any way shape or form your interests.

And please do not give me the "That is what goes on under NATO right now" like you did on the radio this am. Thats not what goes on. They dont command our forces. NATO works on UN agends or mandates with an international military aim..........this is not the same thing to pillock.

I can imagine circumstances where the lives of French civilians or military may be in danger where the "British" contingent of their rapid response unit is used as a sacrificial lamb to get them out whilst the French contingent remain safe doing the evacuation. Far fetched? Not really, British troops on the whole have combat experience, French troops mostly don't, you want something difficult done you use the right tools for the job, in the case of the military in Europe, that's us. I can see the EU using our troops as cannon fodder when the inevitable breakdown happens either through internal division, or the rise of the Islamics and their constant attempts to bend our way of life to their medieval lunacy. In the next 20 or so years, something is going to break and I want our troops here with a 26 mile (at least) moat between us and them.

Liam Fox and whoever came up with this idea on the British side (yes I'm looking at you Cameron) are traitors, there is no other word for it, they are selling out our armed forces to a foreign power to pay the bills instead of getting rid of the obscene environmental taxes, trimming back savagely the welfare industry and napalming the Quango cults. They can claim they are just tidying up Labours mess, but you don't endanger your nation by messing with its armed forces by handing command of them over to a foreign power. Oh I know it's early days yet and they are keeping the units separate, but this is the thin end of the wedge, this is where we start to go slowly into the night as a nation.

Cameron........you are losing voters already !!!

Tips the hat to the chap who makes no noise


Anonymous said...

Do we not do that with the Americans, and will the Americans not just be telling this (unusually) pro-American president what to do too.

Their interests are almost never ours as most of their military adventures are about supposed threats, or of course, something that gets in the way of American commercial interests, in the last 10 years, Halliburton’s interests in particular!

The Afghan conflict was all about Halliburton and the oil pipeline, the contract for which was signed the day after the Americans (with British help) got MR Karzai (an ex-Halliburton employee) installed.

Of course our own Scottish soldiers, some would say the best in the world have had to fight this last 300 + years under English command and their interests are never the same as ours.

The wheels will fall off this particular wagon when the French replace Sarko with a proper French president, warey in every way of America, and unprepared to follow their bidding. I suppose the average French president thinks (wrongly) that being the French President is being important. They have no need to be kissing as on the White house Lawns. British Prime Ministers probably pretty well know that no one much cares about them, so they like to be seen with El Presidente, even if he’s an intellection minnow like Bush.

So, the British prime minister will always do exactly what the President says.

The Scottish First minister as has been proven recently, much to the Prime Minister in England’s disgust and anger, is no such walk over. Let’s hope that soon the use of Scottish troops will be decided in Edinburgh, noot London, nor Paris, and absolutely NOT AMERICA.

(Sorry for the rant, just something I feel quite strongly about. Hope you don’t mind)

The Last Of The Few said...

Rant away Tris,

I feel your pain however I do not agree 100% in all your points above.

I for 1 feel Salmond is a bluffer and a charlatain. I feel like the French once a new leader is installed in the SNP we will get a different ride.
Salmond is looking after Salmond alone.

However we digress. I am sick of the "this is what happens now under NATO" argument.

Its not. The NATO treaty actually states that if a nation does not like the idea it does not have to take part in a particular course of military action.

Ratified in 1969....we required a bit of help in 1982 down south and guess what FUCK ALL SQUARED from anyone including the American.

This agreement is not that so using the NATO line is false. NATO deployments are inder UN mandates not soverign interventions.

This is another step to the UN combined military force.

Everyone says why the French and not the Germans for eg.

Well a german /french agreement like this already exists.....we are just making it a 3 way.

Also USA quite happy..........wonder why......Oh yes. ..... a new arm for its multi billion arm sales industry


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