Thursday, 25 June 2009

Why analyse everything?.........somethings are just better left alone.

In my opinion and with my very limited taste buds and knowledge the finest single malt whiskey that is produced is from "Scotlands Smallest Distillery" Edradour near Pitlochry.

I will not go into reams about why I think this as many others far better educated will no doubt wax lyrical about others.

I just do thats all.

But when I read stories like this I feel that sometimes certain things in life are just not meant to be analysed, dissected, dare I say it violated such as this.

Leave it alone.

We have far few pleasures in life, but the wonder of a wee dram without some 22 leter chemical name describing how the barrel lend flavour is something just not needed.

Good god is nothig sacred???

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