Monday, 29 June 2009

The Curse of Jonah Brown

Oh God no.

Has he not worked it out yet?????

Rantin Rab, Fido the Dog and Guido blog regularly on the Curse of Jonah Brown and his ability by mear presence or communication to turn something good, reasonable, or just about hanging in there to absolute s**t!

And guess what?
The 1 chance we have of a British winner.
The 1 chance we have to restore a wee bit of national pride.
The 1 chance to put a smile on a few peoples face for a few mins.

And the cretin goes and sends Andy Murray a signed photo of himself and a good luck message for the Wimbledon championships.
Oh god why do that??

Sean Connerry and the Queen, good, great, leave it at that.
Not you Brown...........NO

I hope the curse is lifted I really do.

I had a tenner on him as well.

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