Thursday, 25 June 2009

Jacqui Smith...........Like I Care

The ex home secretary a certain Ms Jacqui Smith has done an interview with the BBC World Service and a snippet of it is here.

And...........what you hoping here my dear.

That I change mt opinion of you.
Change my opinion of the rest of the 646 club...........except the 9 who have not abused the system.
Yes 9 out of 646.

Jacqui for over a year the was an outcry from the public as to your performance as home sec, long before the porn films, the house designations, the £400 food bills, the furniture, the bedding all came out.

Dont pass it back that the family came under presure.

You made the choices, you made the claims, your employee (Husband) watched the porn.
Dont use your children as a basis for me to feel sorry.
You did it.
Its the kids being put in this position by you, that I feel sorry for, only for that reason.

Go back to Redditch, and do one last thing for the people of Redditch, not return to teaching !

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