Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Allow me to Introduce....

Mr Peter Davies.

The new mayor of Doncaster.

Rather a lot of media mutterings about the BNP and their euro election success (so to speak) but this 1 crept under the radar.

Mr Davies is a member of the English Democrats. Another minority political party but indeed 1 which has scored some recent success.

Mr Davies was expelled from the Labour Party last year, and as a matter of being a pain in the arse to the Labour Party stood as an independant. ( Ms Blears are you taking note).

He has some well dare I say it ideas that may well appeal to the disenfranchised voter in this current political climate.
He wants to slash his own salary.
Slash the numbers of councillors
Remove multi -lingual leaflets
Reduce bureaucracy.
Get tough on feral youth

Well indeed as I said these will certainly appeal to the masses.

However the pink groups seem a little miffed with him.

But at the end of the day Mr Davies you are still a politician, and well in political circles talk is cheap.

So are you really going to go through with it......really are you????


subrosa said...

If he does he'll be the first to put his money where his mouth is LotF.

The Last Of The Few said...

I am going to keep a keen wee eye on this man SR. See if he comes up with the goods.
The sceptic in me though is coming to the fore


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