Monday, 29 June 2009

Armed Forces Day ........... additional post

I have read many blogs over the weekend on Armed Forces Day.

Many full of compliment, many critical and making reference to an American cast off ceremony.

I noticed the Queen in Edinburgh and the celebration The Big Dollop blogs about in Glasgow.

Now right or wrong, this was an official UK sanctioned (for want of a better phrase) celebration of our armed forces, and all their aspects, however apart form the Queen in Edinburgh am I alone in "asking were the hell where all the others"?

I mean

Prince Charles,
Admiral Royal Navy
Marchal of the Royal Air Force
General in the Army with connections to 12 Regiments

Playboy Prince Andrew
22 Years Royal Navy Helicpoter Pilot

Princess Royal
Married to 2 Serving Officers in the Military at different times
Colonel in Cheif if 1 Australian Regiment, 6 Canadian Regiments,2 RAF positions, 2 Royal Navy positions and 12 Army positions.

Prince william
Household Cavalry Officer
Royal Air Force Helicopter pilot
Royal Air Force Helicopter to a party taxi driver.........ooops sorry it was a training exercise.

Price Harry
Household Cavalry Officer
Army Air Corp Pilot (training)
And pissed in a night club at 4am on 27th June.

So is it me or should the above and their extensive connections to various service branches not be spread over the country sending the message out to the troops.

Should Cameron, Clegg and even Alex Salmond not have had higher profile roles on this day?

I saw vomit making footage of Brown tapping his feet and shaking his head like a churchill insurance dog to a military band knowing full well he had held back finance for equipment prior to sending the troops to his and his bosses (Tony Blair) illegal war.

And as for the boys in Afghanistan!!!
What do they get?

Bob Bloody Ainsworth flying out to greet them. well if thats not enough to make you feel wanted I dont know what is.

Good god when will the insults to our military by this government ever end????

Well done to all who got invlolved.

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