Thursday, 23 December 2010

SNP Cyber Nats

I have been leaving the more ranty posts alone for a few weeks.
An email from a reader asked if I was still blogging or if I had joined the recent group of blog resignations came as a surprise............for e.g. the retirement of the G.O.T has indeed been a bit of a blow to the blog community.
I do hope he returns.

One of the things which has boiled my blood however, is the SNP cyber nats.
Indeed for an SNP supporter I find them pathetic.
The group of little people who play at it because its fashionable. The group who despite the offers you give them don't have the balls to write a blog, but who via a facebook page think they are gods gift to writing.
Indeed my musing are borderline lousy but I make an attempt. However this group once challenged become very childlike in there reply and well act in a very odd manner.
Its easy to survive in life without being challenged, and to maintain a certain air of authority when you immerse yourself into the opinions of fellow thinkers only.

What they cant do and it shows is survive when your opinions get challenged in public. So if you have a blog or an FB page and spout forth your views then prepare to take a challenge, take a knock , but at least be reasonable and not resort to the tactics you just used.

It shows you have not researched your subject matter, your argument is weak, not thought through, and above all you have no credibility as a blogger or opinion giver so to speak.

I suppose that's the problem with social networking..............any moron can do it.

I have supported the SNP for xxxxx number of years ( yes being honest there would give my age away) however the Gen Election results for Scotland have made me question my vote and how it is placed.
My party is not perfect.............indeed none is..........however I have my principles and I pick my fights carefully.
I have my thoughts, my beliefs and I will not be rounded upon by someone who's argument has more holes than a colander..............especially when we vote for the same party and when they are proven to be wrong on so many levels they resort to doing what they did.

The reason for this rant is a certain cyber nat or part time SNP cyber nat has not thought through before shooting off at the mouth (or Keyboard) so to speak.

Well done young lady.................Merry Christmas to you...!!!


subrosa said...

I see you're upset. I was myself a couple of months ago when an SNP blogger tried to assassinate me because of a post I did. No argument involved - the word 'racist' is enough. Aye there's a section of cybernats which is quite distasteful and unable to even read something fully.

The Last Of The Few said...

Its not the disagreement Rosie.

I can handle that.......anyone who has been married can live with that...LOL

Its the way the SNP cybernats work.

I will happily debate and I for 1 know the SNP is not perfect, they have faults, its debate that can fix faults.

But the actions of the cybernats, especially the part time ones is repellant.


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