Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow on the Road

There is always an excuse.

1. Was not expected
2. Wrong type
3. Grit does not work
4. Too cold
5. Too wet

All total crap

It is a a cost cutting exercise more no less

It is amazing that a lump of semi solid cold water can bring this country to its knees better than any Islamic terrorist cell ever could.

Then I get the benefit of hours of BBC/ITV/Sky fucking experts stating the "motherfuckin" obvious.

We can get a bomb in a printer cartridge.........we can spend millions on MP's expense and that scandal is not going away I can tell you.

The councils do not plan for this, do not act on it.
And we a the cash paying council tax folks just carry on panic buying bread and milk like its WW2 all over again and blindly paying out cash without so much as a wimper........pathetic.

So notice to the council.............................I've paid my car tax, I've paid my council tax. So I suggest that you lardy arsed, desk jockey jerk offs get the fuck on with what I've fucking well paid you to do!

After my journey in this me my council highways dept are in no doubt to how I feel.

Hat tip to the G.O.T.


Anonymous said...

This wouldn't be a good time to ask for a raise would it?


subrosa said...

Glad to hear it LotF. I've been in correspondence with my local councillor in the past few days. She's now extremely polite. ;)

The Last Of The Few said...


Ask away the answer may disappoint however.

They may be poliote but did they clear the snow..........i feel you will answer in the negative.


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