Friday, 3 December 2010

Message for Hamid Karzai

Go see the Penguins Place

He hits the nail on the head.

You are an ex-employee of the Haliburton group.
As such you were placed into the puppet role of President at the behest of the American government to allow Haliburton to be part of the Caspian sea oil pipe link.

You are a known crook.
Your brother is a drug dealing money laundering crook as well.
You are known to take bribes and are basically as straight as a cork screw.

You lie, you cheat you steal.............all in the plastic name of democracy that you attempt to say you a bringing to Afghanistan.

You sit back allowing British troops to die in the name of peace knowing full well your makeshift position, your lies and mistruths are part of the problem.

Then........then you make comments which are recorded such as this.

See Here

Well Hamid ............ I for 1 am more than happy we leave your shitty little country to you and the USA.

Keep worries!!

"Call Me Dave" needs to step up to the plate here...........but I don't see it happening. I will leave him sucking up to the EU whilst lying to the rest of us about his effort.

I am raging at this.


subrosa said...

Me too.

Anonymous said...

I think it's America he needs to stop sucking up to.

They can say what the hell they like about Scotland and Scotland's troops' efforts and that of the rest of the UK, and Nick Cameron bends over and takes it. Not a word of anger, indeed his loyal deputy goes out of his way to sidle up to Mrs Clinton and kiss up to her. It won't make any difference to our strong relationship, says David Clegg.

Well, it bloody well should. OK, the troops were woefully underfunded and they didn't have the right equipment. The management in the army was asking for more troops and more equipment and Brown was refusing it, whatever the lying shit says. So probably the job that the Scottish and other Uk soldiers were doing was not as good as it could have been.

But someone really needs to tell America that the next time they want someone in an illegal war with them they should go and ask another country. I'm sure there will be others who don't mind kissing arse and being made to look like complete twats.... or maybe the UK was the only one THAT stupid.

I don’t suppose Mr Clegeron mentioned the band of soldiers that was wandering around shooting Afghan civilians for fun, because presumable they were missing the groundhogs back home.

And they wonder people don’t like us. They wonder that terrorists tried to blow up the English tube system but left the French one alone.

Yuk, pathetic useless half-witted amateur posh boys, playing at politics because it’s in their breeding.

The Last Of The Few said...


You just ruined my next blog post.............but factually accurate as ever.

Dont worry cheers pal

Anonymous said...

Oh lord... I truly am sorry.

But the UK government whether of Cleggeron or brown clolours does seem to be a little like a addict of S & M as opposed to M & S...

Hurt me more....


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