Friday, 4 June 2010

Tragedy In Cumbria

The events in Cumbria on Weds were horrific.

Cold Steel Rain has a take on the grief in the aftermath of the tragedy which I can equate to.

However sadly in this instance I know one of the victims.

Please see here

Gary was a huge character. A leader on the field as well as in the bar post match.

I had the privilege to referee at Egremont last year and as a result met Gary on several occasions.

The Rugby League family is a small and loyal 1.
And too a man within the rugby circle many will be upset at this news.

I have a game to ref at the weekend and rest assured we will have a wee tribute before kick off


subrosa said...

Auch LotF, how sad. That was the young man who was mending the fence on the farm I suppose. Tragic.

The Last Of The Few said...

Yes Rosie that was Gary.

Great player when he was younger.
Was a pro at Whitehaven RLC.

The later end of his career was as said at Egremont.

He was a tough ole cookie.

However post match tomorrow a few beers will be drunk in clubs up and down the land and a toast will be had.

Allan said...


What happened in Cumbria has shocked us all but when you know one of the victims then it becomes a personal tragedy and the horror and shock of it becomes more real.

Any loss of life in this way is unacceptable but when one of the victims is only 31 then it makes it all the harder to come to terms with.

In all 12 shootings, a totally needles waist of human life.

The Last Of The Few said...

It is Allan yes.
I await the anti-gun lobby to start a scream about laws to prevent this happening.

Thing is you cant legislate for a person who is mentally ill.

After all laws always work.........we legislate heavily against drung and you would never know we had a drugs issue in the country would you ???


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