Thursday, 24 June 2010




Oh this is too funny.

7 Weeks out of office after 13 years of a train wreck and the dull bag comes out with this...........

Harman: 'Cameron Is Not Being Straight'

Jeez the last labour govt had NO F*****G IDEA what being straight with people meant.

And from Harman.........the biggest hypocrite of them all.

Is there not something very ironic when a politician accuses someone of not being straight. Pot Kettle springs to mind.

Cant wait for the Labour Leadership race to be done and she and Jack can sod off to the back benches and carry on their ride on the gravy train.



Anonymous said...

This ghastly woman makes me want to vomit. She has nothing at all to say about anything except wimin's rights.

I imagine them to be like the Kinnocks, full of socialist fervour and equal rights (except of courtse when you have had an accident in the car whilst usung a cell phone) and then the opportunity to be Lord and Lady Droney Harpic and suddenly the attraction of having blue blood, and ermine collars is too uch to resist.

Nah, Harpig and her bit of rough will head for the red benches like the faux socialist Kinnocks.

These people are such traitors, and yet the working classes don't see it and continue to vote for them...

PS... did you see the clip of Question Time from a couple of years ago when she was asked to comment on the right wing lunatic Sarah Palin. The poor cow didn't know what to say. She hummed and hawed and stuttered and stammered...

The Last Of The Few said...

I dont remember that 1 Tris, however I remember Nicky Campbell on 5 Live interviewing her on the GE run up and she was banging on about Ashcroft and the inheritance tax thing. She was crowing about rich Tories yada yada, until Campbell questioned her recent change she made to her property and possessions and she had exploited the same tax loophole for herself. Bwahahahahahahaha nearly crashed the car I was laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

This is it matey.... Just don't watch it while you're driving...


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