Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Gordons Legacy

Firstly this is old news in the blogosphere..............however I felt it had to be reposted.

The reason being a paragraph highlighted below.

It was not written by me originally and I tip my hat to the Leg Iron.

You know what people remember most about you when you leave their presence? They remember most vividly the last thing you said or the last thing you did before you parted company.

That's especially so if the last thing you said or did was particularly brilliant or particularly nasty.

The Brown Gorgon's final act, the one which will be best remembered not only because it was the last thing he did but also because it absolutely defines the man, and his entire movement, was an act of pure, unmitigated spite.

On the quiet, with no public announcement, he cut the Prime Monster's salary by £44,000. He did this when he knew he had lost. It was no great personal sacrifice. It was an act of vicious spite born out of his personal vendetta against the Tories. That is his lasting memory which he leaves to us all.

My favourite paragraph of the post!

People of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, this is the measure of the man - and the party - you voted for. Long may you revere his disgusting self-interest. Long may you revel in your hatred for all those who are not bound by the 'benefits'. Long may you fail to understand where those benefits come from, and long may you rot in Hell for inflicting this nasty and very small man upon us all.

I live about 25 mins from the cess pit that is Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy and its true what they say...........put a red rose on a monkey and this bunch of idiots will vote for it.

The Cameroid went ahead with his 5% pay cut for all monsters, including himself, anyway. Moral high ground? He has now taken it, held it and fortified it. Labour now look very cheap and nasty indeed. As errors of judgement go, the Gorgon has excelled even his own record of incredible stupidity. He thinks we will all forget in five years. I will not and I will remind those who do.

Subrosa covers this with measured calm but, I suspect, with gritted teeth.

Obo uses few words but makes the point, but the prize on this story goes to Mr. Eugenides, who sums it up in one.

One day Brown the pigeons will come home to roost.

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