Friday, 11 June 2010

The Offside Rule For Ladies

Imagine for a moment that you are queueing in single file waiting to pay for your purchases in a shop. The girl in front of you realises that she doesn't have her purse with her and then, to your dismay, you realise that you have forgotten yours too.

The friend that you are shopping with who is much further back in the queue is offering to throw her purse to you so you can buy your shopping. You cannot queue jump until after the purse has been thrown but as soon as it has you can quickly dodge the woman in front of you and pay the cashier.

That's right ladies. The offside rule explained in a language you understand now please don't interrupt me for the next four weeks with stupid fucking questions.

Take a bow Man Widdicombe


subrosa said...

Ouch! Sod it, I'll just go shopping. :)

The Last Of The Few said...

If ever a lady was O-fey with the offside rule its you Rosie !!


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