Monday, 17 May 2010

My Socks and my Nuts

I am not doing politics.........not for a few days anyway...........not in the mood to rant, well not politically anyway.


Meet socks

Yes this little lady in this pic.

She arrived at my house a few weeks ago now.

She is a little over a year old and well anyone who knows about cats will say she is very small for a year old.

Anyway I came home from work and the house was dark and quiet.
On the front steps was this lady.
It was raining so she was under the canopy in the dry.
Well I said "hi" and brushed past her as I let myself in.

This went on for about 2 weeks
I would return home and she would await.


The day I returned home, said hello, opened the door and she let herself in.

Well this was horrific..........I was brought up with dogs and this is ....... a cat.

That was 2 months ago.

I have traced her original owner and well lets say she is better off with me.
She has been to the vet I have had checked, got her jabs and well errrr "had her done".............well I am not a charity.

She was named "Socks" due to her white feet (little white socks on).

I went the whole way, bowl with cat on it, cat flap, collar with a magnet..........the whole 9 yards.

She is a happy and very loyal cat now.....well as cats can be.
She is putting a bit of weight on and the vet says she is all ok.

But I have run into trouble.............Socks has a brother.

And he wants to move in to.

He is a few mins older than her apparently.............but sadly for him she got the brains. He is wired to the moon.

Again checked with the original owners and guess what.....same old same old.
He is small as well but in good health.

Well you probably can guess the rest.

So that leaves a name.............based on his colour what about "Nuts"


subrosa said...

Just perfect. Happy families to you. :)

Dawdels said...

Same happened to me 8 years ago but his original owners are animal daft and neighbours! Names how about Nemo or Felix.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you had gone the whole way with old softie.

Cynarae said...

They are so sweet. You could also go for O'Malley for the ginger cat. Congrats on the new babies. :D


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