Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Dr Liam Fox

Mr Fox,

Congratulations on your party and the Lib Dems agreeing terms of your coalition.

However your appointment as Defence Secretary..............errrr...... I think sadly Mr Cameron has made an error.

Please be advised both myself and my working colleagues find you a repellent and inherently weak individual. You have been proven to be a liar over your expenses and basically I will use the word thief.

None of us are happy at your appointment and feel others are far more suited.

Again defence and our military even with a change in government, is still being proven that it is being treated with absolute contempt.

You are a disgrace as an individual, a politician and to our military.


subrosa said...

I entirely agree. His performances during the campaign were even worse than Aintworthit's.

Things will not improve with him in charge. He's more interested in the trappings of power than his brief.

Anonymous said...

A vain, vacuous fop.

All he needs is a Tango Tan

Anonymous said...

Hear hear.

Very well said. How could this man possibly be cabinet material. He revolts me.

Brilliant post .... plain speaking is what we need on here.


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