Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Man is Clever !!

Tony Woodley - joint leader of Unite.

Fuck me sideways what a rocket Scientist.

You members of The Unite Union............... yes all 2 million of you.
Spending your 3 quid a week.
Giving Woodley and lard arse Simpson and lets not forget the lovely cuddly Charlie "Hello Damian" Wheelan over 6 million quid a week in subscriptions.

And for that money you get absolute red hot insight such as this.......
Yes and I quote from this source "also warned that BA will lose business when passengers "look elsewhere" for flights during the peak summer period".

Money well spent.

BA announced a loss on Monday of £532 Million Pounds.
Coupled with last years Loss of 400 Million Pounds we are a kick in the ass off a Billion in 2 years.

My answer..............let it go to the wall. Swiss Air did and the Swiss still fly...........Sabena did and the Belgium folks still fly. Others providing much better service, much greater quality will come in and rescue the situation.
No other business in the world can sustain this type of loss.

Watching the Staff on TV, knowing full well they currently are the best paid in the industry world wide, they have the best perks.................shows raging contempt for the rest of us.

Shut it down ........... let it go..........its had its day.

Yes and for the record that is the same Tony who just came back from Cuba, no doubt on Unite expenses, to celebrate Castros anniversary............ooops sorry to assist his wife on recovery post an operation. He made a speech whilst he was there. I always make political speeches if I am assisting my nearest and dearest recover post op!!

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