Saturday, 8 May 2010

Democracy eh!

Does not look very democratic to me.

A few suits getting together and basically playing a game of poker with me and what I want in a effort to get themselves into a new job.
A squatter who despite what his loyal servants Mr and Mrs Harman say has not won the lions share of the vote and insist on staying in No10.

CSR hits the nail on the head with his post and I quote "It remains to be seen what will happen with the hung Parliament. As we tweet, blog, text, poke and email our hopes, fears and concerns - young men from these Islands are gearing up for combat patrols in Afghanistan.

They will not be thinking of swingometers, LibLab, LibCon or Brown or Dave. They will be thinking about life as they walk into the valley of the shadow of death.

We have been told time and again they are there - fighting and dying - to bring Democracy to another nation. With a courage and dedication that humbles me they risk life and limb day after day to achieve this.

The nation has spoken and the nation has firmly rejected NuLabour. Now is the time to salvage whatever dignity and decency (if any) remain in Browns party. They must stand down. Brown must resign.

Too many troops have died attempting to give others a taste of Democracy to ignore it here. The covenant is broken - NuLabour I urge you not to spit on it."

So what do we do.

After all if I quote the 3 leaders during the farce that was the leader debates " We are the boss"..........Somehow I do not think they really mean that.

So what do we do........riot.............No we are British we will send a strongly worded email and a sharp ticking off.

Fuck me ragged.

Look the election result has achieved NOTHING. We need full hard and fast political reform in the country.
Our politics is still rotten to the core.

Tris gives these facts,
To win a seat the following votes are needed

Labour 33K
Tory 35K
Lib Dem 120K

Scottish blogger young Tris so the SNP figure is for clarity to other. I envisage the Welsh folks nationalist party is not much different. hairy backside it is.

The political establishment MUST be aware of the depth of feeling.
This cosy love in to find common ground is a non stater.

Full political reform is needed now.........urgently.

Otherwise politicians you may well be surprised at what happens.

Oh and then you enact the Civil Contingency Act,

Go on...........I dare you !!!

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