Monday, 10 May 2010

Mark My Words

I will not accept Clegg doing a deal with Gordon Brown on a lie about the economy linked to Labour Leadership change in the autumn as a method of Labour to hold onto power.

They are supposed to work for us.

This is not democracy.


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Anonymous said...

LOTF: There has never been democracy here. We have an unelected head of state, an unelected partly hereditery Senate and a lower house voted in on a FPTP system under which 3/4 of the seats never change hands, to a house which has a strong whipping system.

So who governs us is decided in a few marginals, elected to one house. And the PM decides at which point in 5 years it pleases him to call an election.

It is an elected dictatorship and as far from democracy as you can get.

For a country that forces democracy down the necks of other people, sometimes at the end of a gun, that's a pretty poor show, and an utter embarrassment.


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