Saturday, 10 April 2010

When is an FOI request.........Not an FOI request

When its linked to MP's Expenses of course.

Now the rules on FOI requests are fairly specific however once you announce a General election you can pretty much re-write the rule book.

This morning see here we discover that yesterday details of MPs’ unpaid bar and restaurant bills will be withheld until after the election. mean they want more of their theft kept secret.

Hundreds of MPs owe thousands of pounds for food and drink consumed in bars and restaurants around the Palace of Westminster.

Following a request under the Freedom of Information Act last September, the parliamentary authorities have been obliged for some time to release details of the unpaid bills.

However, they have now said that the information will not be released before the Commons reconvenes after the May 6 election.

That will leave voters in the dark about the outstanding debts of MPs standing for re-election, while retiring MPs will leave without facing public scrutiny of their bills

So in what has been described as the worst parliament in history............or "the rotten parliament" we see a further abuse of the system and a further attempt to hide the truth from the voters.

See further info here.

So many will say it a bar bill not a abuse of a system. Well dear readers it is an abuse. If you read the above link you will see the bar is subsidised by you and me. Our tax payers it is an abuse.

And should you be the voter who puts back a thief into Westminster because this info was kept out of the public you feel proud don't you !!!

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